So what exactly is it we're doing?

It's fairly easy: We design things. Like web sites and logos. Or stationery and business cards. Or any marketing tool of your choice, like post cards or flyers. We try to unite function and form, the invisible and the visible, because on their own, these two elements don't work.
And to stick with bananas: You won't eat a banana that looks sweet but tastes bitter. The banana-principle® is easy: If it looks good, we just assume that it tastes good as well. And if it doesn't, we'll throw it away in disappointment.

Obviously, we also decorate websites with useless but good looking elements, referred to as «eye-candy», as long as they don't create or interfere with expectations.
Here at EllisDesign we're constantly trying to ensure expectations are met.

OK, sounds fruity, but what does it mean?

It simply means that pretty websites also must work properly to attract users or clients. Or that highly sophisticated websites need to be pretty in order to be fun to use.

The same counts for your logo: It can be as elaborate and clever as you want, if it just doesn't look good, you'll have at least one problem: People won't remember it, and if they do, they'll only remember it as «the terrible looking one».

Good design unites form and function. That's what we do: We present information in a nice way.

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